Headphone Splitter Review

I purchased this from Belkin because of the fact that i wanted to make a review for it and put it up on this site for others to read. Needless to say, i buy all my stuff from amazon because it tends to be cheaper in price and very reliable. About the actual product.. This headphone splitter seems very sturdy for $15, it’s not like it will survive a 20 foot drop but doesn’t feel like if it were to drop off the kitchen table it would break either.

The Sound quality is pretty good for having one MP3 player split to 5 different headphones. I can’t say that i would ever need or want to share music with up to 4 other people but hey, some people are more polular than I am. This may be just the thing for a high school student who wants to share music with his or her friends during lunch.

Another great use for this device is road trip movies! Think about it, your in your SUV, you don’t want to hear what the kids are watching in the back over the speakers, hook them all up to headphones and you’ll finally get some peace..

But besides the above use, i’m guessing that this device mainly appeals to the young crowd as a way to share music with ease, which makes perfect sense.

Overall, i like it a lot. It may not best be suited for me but i can see how to would be a jewel for others. for more info on any headphone splitter, visit the site that is linked.