Healthy Sweet Options

Almost all of us like binging on sweets.No wonder we have something called desserts to hae just after our main
course.However, eating too much of sweets can cause havoc with our health.

When our meals are heavy in carbohydrates, these cause high serotonin levels in the bloodstream.So after meals we
have a high blood sugar levels and soon after, this is utilized by the body cells resulting in a sudden drop of the
srotonin levels.This in turn causes a craving to eat something sweet.

An good way to avoid unnecessary binging to occur is to eat a sufficient amount of protein and complex
carbohydrates in our main course.

As for many of us having a sweet tooth and a chronic sweet craving,we have some good naturally sweet options.


Drid fig is a popular dry fruit and is frequently used in dry fruits sweets.This is good for diabetics as well.
This is rich in fibers and hence is also a good laxative.So the best thing about figs apart from their sweetness is
that one need not feel guilty after eating a lot of them as they are a good laxative and so is good for yung and
the old alike.


These are very sweet in tasted.This too along with dried out figs are used in making dishes for diabetics and to
fulfill our sweet tastes.Dates contain natural sugar.They are also a rich source of iron which is good for
purifying blood.Like figs, dates too are fibrous.

Flavoured Yoghurt:

Nowadays, there are varierties of yoghurts available ranging from fat free to fruit flavoured ones like
strawberry,pineapple,mango and the like.Since yoghurt are milk products, they contain serotonin increasing agents
like tryptophan.


Raisins are also very sweet and rich in complex carbohydrates.These satiate the sweet craving immediately, but are
an healthy option.Eating raisins ensures a steady releasing of bloog sugars.Hence this gives a sense of fullness.


Fresh fruits contain natural fructose.So these do not cause sudden increases in blood sugar levels on consuming them.Fruits are naturally also rich in fibers.So they are a good option as a laxative especially for the old aged.Apart from sugars, fruits are also rich in vitamins,minerals and anti-oxidants.So they provide some immunity enhancing agents to help us protect our body and health.

All the above are healthier options to satisfy our craving for sweets.Rather than using artificial sweeteners, we
should instead always choose these in order to eat healthy and live healthy.