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Ex-Cell Hearing Centres have the best hearing aids in Saskatoon.

Stop living with hearing loss and take a proactive approach that will restore your hearing and quality of life. There are many choices when shopping for a hearing aid in Saskatoon, but only one centre has earned the respect of the community enough to win the Consumer Choice Award.

Ex-Cell Hearing Centres work hard to help their clients find the best solutions for their hearing needs. Their staff is second to none, with an impressive level of training, understanding, and a genuine desire to help. Since 1977 they have worked to become the first choice for purchasing a hearing aid in Saskatoon, aiding numerous patients in their quest for better hearing. They are your one stop hearing aid shop, offering in clinic and in home hearing tests, batteries and accessories, repair services and even amazing financing options. Ex-Cell Hearing Centres has been recognized as the best place for a hearing aid in Saskatoon, winning the Consumer Choice Award.

Each year the Consumer Choice Awards have gathered market research that is statistically accurate, learning the perceptions, expectations and opinions of thousands of consumers and businesses. Since the first awards in 1987, the process of surveying has been perfected, utilizing third party research firms to find out who consumers view as the best local businesses in a number of categories, like best hearing aids in Saskatoon. Today the awards trust Leger Marketing to conduct all consumer and business surveys. This Canadian-owned research firm is a leader in the industry and a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers.

The awards are able to stay true to marketplace opinion by avoiding any bias from extremely satisfied or dissatisfied customers. In their quest for the real opinions of each marketplace, the Consumer Choice Awards also steer clear of third party influences from advocate groups and industry insiders. Each person is allowed to cast their vote only once, and the research firm handles all results.

An exacting criteria must be followed when surveying each community to learn which retailers they prefer in a long list of business categories, like best hearing aids in Saskatoon. Initial results yield the most mentioned businesses which are then put to a majority vote that reveals the winners. A healthy amount of competition throughout the year makes winning the award far from simple. By changing the focus of local businesses to customer service, the award is an agent of increased sales. The award is also of great benefit to the community, affording consumers the opportunity to speak their mind while honoring outstanding service providers. For their dedication to their patients, Ex-Cell Hearing Centres has won the Consumer Choice Award for best place for a hearing aid in Saskatoon.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for all of your hard work to highlight exceptional local companies, and thank you Ex-Cell Hearing Centres for offering the best hearing aid services in Saskatoon. To speak with a courteous service representative call (800)667-1124.