Helpful Travel Tips / Create a Christmas Journal

Helpful Travel Tips

When traveling by car there are certain things you can do to make for a better trip:

Pack a small cooler with bottled water, juice boxes and snacks for the car ride. (Be sure it is within reach for when you need it).

For the children, be sure you have travel games and/or hand held electronic games in the back seat with them.

Place a blanket or two in the car in case anyone gets cold.

Check out the weather conditions of where you are traveling to make sure you pack proper clothing.

Pack all bathroom items together in case something spills.

Pack cameras and electronic equipment separately. Be sure you can reach them during the ride. Sometimes you can get some cute or funny picture while traveling in the car.

You may also see something such as snow or mountains on the ride that are picture worthy.

Be sure you have a good selection of music CD’s in the car. If you have a long car ride, you will appreciate these later.

If you have a travel DVD player, make sure you have the proper plugs for viewing and plenty of movies for watching.

Bring books and magazines for reading. 

Don’t forget the directions!

To help you stay organized for Christmas and at Christmas, try keeping a Christmas journal. This journal will have two main functions. Its first purpose is to keep your thoughts throughout the year about the upcoming Christmas season. Second, it will help you remember special things about your Christmas celebrations. Let me explain…

Lets me start with the first purpose: Keeping your thoughts for Christmas

As we live day to day from January to December, we will find we have an idea about something we would like to try for Christmas. Whether it be a recipe, a new tradition, somewhere we would like to visit or eat, be sure to write it down in your Christmas journal.

Often times we have these grandiose ideas and we let them slip away because we did not take 30 seconds to write them down.
So, as the year goes on and we move days closer to Christmas, be sure to write down your thoughts. You will appreciate it later.

Second purpose: Keeping up with what worked and what didn’t.

OK, so for Christmas last year you tried a new dish. What was it… was it the new iced tea recipe or the blueberry pie recipe? Then, you revert back to your Christmas journal:

December 25th, 2008: Tried a new Rhubarb pie recipe. Family hated it and the dog turned up his nose at it. Ah, that was it I wont make that again!

See how helpful that was?

So this year as you go through the Christmas season be sure to write down the things that seemed to work with your family and the things that did not work. It will help you out in years to come!

Buon Natale!