His Excellence, Lil Wayne

On Lil Wayne

By Don Bailey

“Who am I?, The best rapper alive.” Lil Wayne declares is status as the leading hip-hop artist of our decade but what are the facts that make this true? Lil Wayne is the hardest to book and most acclaimed figure from the entire class of entertainers representing the upcoming generation. His strategy is phenomenal, he uses open source DJing, lyrical metaphorism, and lastly affirmative stating.

Today, DJ’s aer cutting samples from artist like a thanksgiving day turkey. This does not seem to be a problem for Lil Wayne because he is the number one name on many mixtapes. How did he get there? If we analyze his writings it is clear that he uses sound bites when he raps. You can visually understand his words because he attempts to tell a story. These sound bites are perfect for DJ’s because they provide great chorus ideas in the area screwed music. Lil Wayne in this sense is Open Source because his music has become a new wholesale economy for DJ’s.

Lyrical metaphorism is the most lucid method of producing music in bliss. I feel as if it is imperative that future rappers realize this tactic. He is a free style artist by heart, which means he visualizes his words in his own mind. In order to tag on to this style offered by Dwayne Carter, I suggest visualization techniques. These are normally found in meditative papers, but in terms of how “he” does it. Imagination! His lyrical imagination is phenomenal and creates engaging music.

Lastly, Lil Wayne knows what he is contributing to the industry, hence he continues to grow by promoting his contribution through his music. This allows his fans to invest in the growth of Young Money/ Cash Money Records. I am convinced that the growth of Cash Money is due to the work and sole promotion of the Young Visionary. He provides variation in style, tone, and rhyme scheme. Other rappers are catching on, but they are definantly not catching up.

Lil Wayne is the figure of this decade particularly in the music industry, his identity has become a brand of its own capable of promoting and being used to promote any activity. Realizing what allows him to be successful only gives him the opportunity to become even greater.