Hobby and Leisure Interests of the Star Signs Libra to Pisces

Life is full of stress and whether it’s writing poetry, listening to music, hiking, biking or watching a favourite DVD, everyone has their own way to chill-out. Here are some of the ways the Zodiac Signs Libra through to Pisces might spend their leisure hours:   

Libra Hobbies and Leisure Interests

Venus ruled Librans are likely to have a flair for art and creativity. They prefer to spend their spare time hours in the company of others and have a love of good food, wine and the theatre. To be truly happy, they need an active social life and a generally harmonious atmosphere around them. Sports involving other people will go down well with Librans.   

Scorpio Hobbies and Leisure Interests

Hobbies tend to overlap with the career ambitions of the Scorpio. They like to delve deeply into the subjects that interest them and this may lead to Scorpio enrolling on an Open University program or some other further education course. This is not only as a means of furthering their career but as a way to stimulate their deep and curious mind. Scorpio interests may include mysticism, yoga and other occult subjects which again  will stimulate their need to research into matters which attract deeper investigation.   

 Sagittarius Hobbies and Leisure Interests

The Sagittarius would also find no hesitation in choosing to devote some of their spare time to studying. Theirs is a searching mind which needs to be stimulated through education, travel, religion, the Internet and philosophy. As well as these mental and spiritual pursuits which could be undertaken alone, Sagittarius is an active Fire sign and they will enjoy sharing hobbies, sport and travel with other people.   

 Capricorn Hobbies

Gardening and other outside interests will give pleasure to those born under the Earth sign Capricorn. Although they enjoy creative work involving their hands, they also like to relax through listening to music and reading. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is serious-minded and will approach spare-time interests in a determined way. They are unlikely to take risks.   

Aquarius Hobbies and Leisure Interests

Broad-minded and modern in outlook the Aquarius will find many things to occupy their leisure-time hours including surfing the net, science-fiction, UFO hunting and towards the other extreme, archaeology, scientific and humanitarian pursuits. They are independent but also perform well in a group.   

Pisces Hobbies and Leisure Interests

Art, music and poetry will keep a Pisces occupied for hours on end. Solo activities allow Pisces to let their creative imagination wander. As well as being sensitive to the moods of those around them, Pisces may show clairvoyant or mystical talents which they could choose to develop during their free time. Being near the sea or taking part in water sports would also make a refreshing pastime for those born under this Water sign.