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From an early age we learn that it is incorrect to make indiscrete questions and make offensive remarks. As we grow up we learn to repress our thoughts or to express them in a delicate manner so not to hurt susceptibilities. As we grow older we are expected to master these norms of socialization.

Usually, those who master these socializing norms, hence making great use of their emotional intelligence, are very likely to become popular individuals. On the other hand, those who are too impulsive, speaking their mind at any time and in less thoughtful ways tend to be less popular, perhaps even regarded as inconsiderate or as someone to avoid bonding with.

Now, imagine what would happen if we were dispossessed of our privacy. If our thoughts could be easily accessed by others and we too could access theirs.

How would that affect our relationships? Would we be able to maintain them? It may sound hilarious at first, but the truth is that living in such circumstances would jeopardise, if not, completely destroy our relationships: You’re  in- laws would know what you think about them; The girl/boy at the bar already knows you only want to get laid with her/him; Your boss knows you can’t stand him and you’re planning to leave the company when he needs you the most; you’re best friend is disappointed because you think you’re better than him at anything; you find out your uncle is a sexual predator; you discover your parents best hidden secret; your cousin, who aspires to become an actress, already knows you think she’s not talented enough to be able to make it, etc.

By now, you’re probably thinking: Why the hell is this freak so concerned about something that will not happen in the near future? Well, because this hypothetical scenario tells us a lot about human beings and socialization.

It makes us question our nature and the nature of our relationships: How sincere are we in our relationships? Or even better, how sincere can we be? How fake are we? How much do we know about our friends and family? How disappointed would we be if we were able to access all their thoughts about us, and vice- versa?

It seems like we can only trust our Self.