Home remedies for dandruff

It can occur at any age but is most likely in your early 20s. Just relax, and whatever your age, you can get rid of dandruff by some simple and practical home remedies which are very effective and very easy on your pocket too.

Important tips to remember at all times, when suffering from dandruff.

Never ever tie your hair when they are wet as the moisture left in the hair causes dandruff. Maintain good hygiene and wash your hair after every two days or alternate days with luke warm water.

Wash your head accessories regularly and try to keep them clean at all times.Do regular massage and brush your hair as often as you can to treat dandruff as it enhances blood circulation.

Do not scratch your scalp. When you shampoo, massage your scalp without scratching.

Dandruff is generally infectious which can catch you either by using common towel, comb , soap or hairbrush so from now on its a complete NO to sharing your towel and hair accessories.

Here is a list of natural remedies to treat dandruff at home.

Egg massage – Take two eggs and beat them thoroughly. Then add two tablespoons of water to your egg mix. Before applying the egg mix, wet your hair completely and then apply the egg solution all over your hair and massage your scalp entirely for 5 minutes. Let your hair for another 10 minutes and then wash it with slightly warm water. Do this once a week . Egg massage helps to get rid of dandruff and also helps to fight against hair fall immensely.

Tomatoes – To get your hair free from odour and dandruff use tomatoes to get rid of dandruff in the simplest possible way. The tomato pulp is an excellent conditioner and is a cheap and wonderful treatment for dandruff free, soft and silky hair. You need to boil the tomatoes and remove the skin. Then mash the tomatoes and apply the tomato pulp to your scalp. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash your hair. Result tomatoes give amazing shine to lustreless hair and remove dandruff at the same time.

Curd, honey and lemon – Take two tablespoons of curd and add 3 to 4 drops of honey along with two to three tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for 30 40 minutes. In the end rinse with luke warm water using a mild shampoo.

Oil massage – Regular massage is very important and is considered as a very good remedy for dandruff as it increases the blood circulation on the scalp which helps in reducing dandruff. Oil massage helps to reduce flaking of scalp and aids in preventing dandruff. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree oil or olive oil. Massage your hair for half an hour with oil, before you wash your hair each time for dandruff free hair.

Apple Juice – Make a mix of equal quantity of apple juice and warm water. Apply this mix to your scalp and massage thoroughly. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse. Do this regularly thrice a week to get rid of your dreadful dandruff.

Practice these home remedies and get your confidence back, let your lovely and dandruff free hair do all the talk.

By now you know the various methods to remove dandruff. So what are you waiting for? Go, Get going and get rid of the dreadful dandruff right now.