Home Remedy: Garlic And Herb Foot Soak For Yellow Toenails

  • Yellow toenails are very embarrassing and disgusting looking, but the main reason toenails become yellow is due to fungal infections of the nails. The good news is there is a natural remedy that just might help you rid those yellow toenails naturally as it has for me. My natural remedy for getting rid of fungal infections of the toenail is my homemade garlic and herb footbath. Yes, it sounds nasty, but it does work if you have patience and give it time too.

    The natural ingredients that are need to make the homemade garlic and herb footbath are 5 fresh cloves of crush garlic, ½ gallon of hot water, 50 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, 15 drops of rosemary oil, 25 drops of oregano oil and 20 drops of lavender oil. The reasons I use these ingredients in this footbath are because they contain antifungal and antibacterial properties in them that help fight off the fungus and rid the infection from the toenails naturally. These ingredients you can find at a local supermarket and herbal shop. They can be pricy, but they are worth getting to fight off yellow toenails naturally.

    The way to make the homemade garlic and herb footbath is by filling up a large bucket your feet will fit in will all the ingredients. The footbath will smell strong with garlic and herbs so if you are sensitive to strong scents you might not want to use this footbath as a natural remedy for treating your yellow toenails. Once you have made the footbath stick your feet in it and soak them for 30 minutes. The soak will tingle a bit, but this is normal. However, if you begin to have any kind of allergic reaction you will want to remove your feet immediately and seek a doctors help. Now once you have soaked your feet for a good 30 minutes it is best to pat your feet dry because fungus likes to grow on damp skin and areas so we want to avoid that.

    Now it is best to make the homemade garlic and herb footbath every day until the toenails begin to clear up, and even 2 to 3 weeks after the fungal infection is gone to help make sure it is really gone away and stays away. However, if you have a serious fungal infection under the toenails that does not seem to go away with this natural remedy or other ones it is best to see a doctor for other possible treatments.

    Anyways, I hope this homemade garlic and herb footbath does help you treat and rid the fungal infections under your toenails as it did for me. I wish you all the best with keeping your feet and toenails happy and healthy naturally.