Honda Cars

Honda is a big name in the world of automobiles and they have built a reputation for themselves by delivering some of the best cars in the market over the past few years. People just love these Honda cars and every avid car enthusiast has at least one car from this manufacturer in his favorites list.

For people who love style – there is the Honda Civic. This automobile comes in three door and five door variety and there is also the Type R or Hybrid model. You have plenty of options to choose from as the range is quite big. The features of the car really huge and you will be surprised at what this vehicle has to offer. They include integrated satellite navigation system, solid state drive (SSD), integrated satellite navigation system with traffic message channel and built in Bluetooth in the Type S GT-T model range.

Honda cars are involved in Formula One and this company has learnt a lot from the sport. They have put some sports oriented features in the Civic to make it even better. Voice recognition satellite navigation, driver information, audio, cruise control are all combined and this gives the drivers what Honda calls “Dual Zone” environment.

There is also the Accord which, according to many, is one of the best by Honda. There are five options for this car – the ES, ES GT, EX, EX GT and the most expensive Type S. You get a choice of either diesel or petrol engines and with automatic or manual transmission. There is just one exception here – the Type S is powered through a 2.2 iDTEC engine along with manual transmission.

This company recently added the Tourer to the Honda cars range of Accord series. This car too has a choice of the car engine but the unique thing here is that it offers automatic transmission for the diesel version. If you want a good blend of comfort and style, check out the Honda FR-V. This vehicle carries up to six people and is really sexy with the roof rails, grille and door handles which give it a touch of elegance along with a sporty look.

There are a few green Honda cars too. They developed the 1.3 IMA (Petrol Hybrid) CVT engine which automatically switches between the petrol and electric power. Finally, for people looking at compact cars, there is he Honda Jazz which according to me, is one of the best compact cars around. The car looks compact but you will be surprised by the amount of space inside for both the passengers and driver. Products like these are an example of brilliant engineering that the Honda cars have. This model has a longer wheel base along with a compact engine space for creating more room for storage and cabin.

You might be on a stiff budget and hence looking for used Honda cars. You can go take a look at Honda City which is relatively old and still popular in the market. Make sure you inspect the car thoroughly before buying a second hand automobile.