Horror and history together.

The history behind the movie-

This movie was released in the year 2008 and stars Adrian Paul, Frida Show, Rhett Giles, Michael Teh, Alex McArthur. This movie is based on certain historical events that have occurred way back in the 1500’s. it was then that some British settlers were sent to the island of Roanoke in order to establish a colony there. It so happened there they met with some sort or local resistance.

The leader of the settlement communicated with the British that they were facing difficulties regarding the establishment of a colony there and they wish to return. But due to some difficulties they could not return and when the British mainlanders reach over there they find that the entire settlement has mysteriously disappeared there.

The story of the movie-

Keeping the history apart and coming to the story of the movie, we find that the historical event is replaced by horror. The disappearance is attributed to the fight that the settlers have with the ghosts over there. Adrian Paul is the leader of the settlers and he spearheads the campaign against the ghosts in that island. Well what happens to them? You have to see the movie to know the rest of the story.

My thoughts regarding the movie-

Adrian Paul is a very well known actor. But somehow it seems in the movie that he is not up to the mark over here. You can only say that the acting is only average from his part.

Only some scenes in the movie will actually frighten you and the fight with the ghosts will seem stretched and lusterless. In fact some of the serious scenes have gone wayward due to this.

On an average the movie is average and some phases seem to be poor. I think that when you watch this movie there is nothing much that you should expect from this.