Hosting A Halloween Party

Halloween is the time of year when kids love to dress up in costumes and get together for fun and games. By planning ahead and following the advice below, you can host the perfect Halloween party for your kids and their friends this year.

One Month Before The Party

Decide whether the party will be large or small. Have the kids make out a list of the people they want to invite.

Decide on the time, date and place for the party. If you choose to have the party some place other than at your home, go ahead and reserve the location now.

Decide on a budget for the party. Figure up the total amount that you want to spend for decorations, food and other party supplies. Include the cost of the location if the party will not be held at your home.

Decide on rules for the party.

Three Weeks Before The Party

Choose a theme for the party. For children in Elementary School, a Super Hero theme would be a good choice. For Middle and High School students, a Celebrity theme would be a big hit. For children of both age groups, a Monster theme would be a good suggestion.

Choose party invitations that match your theme. Mail them to the people on your guest list and be sure to include your phone number.

Go shopping for costumes this week. Do not wait until the very last minute. Go now while there is still a good selection of costumes to choose from.

Two Weeks Before The Party

Decide on the menu for the party. Will you be serving a meal or just snack foods? Will you do the cooking yourself or will you order the party food? If you need party treat ideas, do a Google search for Halloween recipes.

Make a list of the party decorations and other supplies that you will need to buy.

Decide on games and activities for the party. A costume contest and apple bobbing are two fun activities that the children will enjoy.

One Week Before The Party

Do your shopping for the party foods and other supplies this week. If possible, try to buy everything you need in one trip to save on time and gas.

Take care of any last minute tasks. Call any guests that you have not heard from and confirm if they will be attending the party. If the party will be held at your home, go ahead and put up the outdoor decorations now.

The Day Of The Party

Decorate the inside with spider webs on the ceilings. Place Halloween decorations (lighted jack-o-lanterns, lit candles, etc) around the room. If you are having the party at your home, hang black sheets, large ghosts or skeletons in doorways to block off certain areas. Give the party an eerie feel by having spooky music playing in the background.

Fix up treat bags for the children.

Show your party spirit by wearing a costume when you greet the guests at the door. 

Once the party begins, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.