Hottest New Computer Peripherals.

The hottest new computer peripherals are flying off of the shelves and Internet websites, and most are geared towards multitasking, extended memory, carrying cases, WiFi signal boosters and wireless peripherals like mice and keyboards, speakers, microphones and web cameras.  Why use a telephone, or, even worse, a cellular phone to talk to your friends and family when you are home, when you can talk to them for free on a computer?  Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is a computer-based telephone, with no fees or charges aside from your regular Internet access fees.

Depending upon your budget, and what the recipient uses their computer for, there are computer peripheral gifts from under $20 to over $2,000.  From keyboard and monitor cleaning kits, security software and web cameras, to extended memory in the multi-Terrabyte range, powered speaker systems and touch-screen displays.  With the prices rapidly falling, now is the time to invest in laser printers, and colour laser printers can be had for under $300 now.

If the computer geek in your life has an older CRT monitor, then buying a nice LCD, or even a nicer LED LCD monitor would be one of the best gifts fof their computer use.  When the graphics and background are similar to high definition television screens, the computer geek all of a sudden finds a new life in front of their computers.  In keeping with improving their computer use, a multi-Terrabyte external memory device.  They work as a compliment to existing memory, with no conflicts with installed memory.  The new external memory an be used both as primary and secondary storage as well.  Expect to pay between $200 and $800 for quality external memory, and much less for cheaper models.

When the computer user has a propensity to surf the web at outdoors sites, then a USB WiFii booster stick would be a great gift, and they can be under $80 for a decent model, ad over $200 for a really good model.  Speakers can be designed as anything from Coke cans to fake rocks for outdoors, and can be amplified to increase the volume and range of the music.

No matter what your computer lover likes to do with their computer, there are computer peripherals that will enrich their computer useage.  Be sure to shop in at least 3 computer or computer peripheral stores, as well as at least 4 or 5 on-line computer peripheral websites for comparison shopping.  Even saving the shipping fees can be a major savings.

Shop smart, shop informed.