How a registry scan can save you money

What is a registry scan and how can it save you money?

When you download or install a new program on your Window’s based computer, a registry entry is created for that program in the Window’s registry. The registry aids in determining which programs should load upon start up as well as keeping track of all programs on the system.

Over time you may end up with hundreds, even thousands of registry entries on your computer. As you delete programs the registry file associated with those programs should be removed but sometimes they remain. Also when surfing the internet you can become exposed to viruses, spyware, and malware that can put you at risk and many of these malicious programs infect your computer through registry entries placed on your computer.

Malicious program entries combined with old program entries can clog up your computer’s system registry and slow down your computer. Incompatible or outdated registry files can cause confusion when loading up programs and can cause the computer to freeze up, crash, or even fail to start up.

Fixing your computer due to crashes, the inability to boot up, or virus removal can be a costly repair. However using a registry scanner and cleaner can help reduce the risk of having your registry over run with obsolete entries and virus prone entries.

A registry scan, as the name suggests, scans your computer’s registry and looks for entries that do not match any currently installed programs. It also scans for entries that were placed there by downloaded files from web browsing.

A good registry scanner will also operate as a registry cleaner and allow you to see registry entries that are no longer needed. This allows you to delete registry files, free up space in the registry, and remove harmful entries. Some registry scanners can also create back up files of the registry in case you discover you need an entry for a program or file.

Registry scanners and cleaners are available online for free. However it is important to look for scanners that are trusted and do not contain malware, spyware, or hidden fees. You also need to select an appropriate scanner for your particular operating system.

Proper and regular scanning and maintenance of your computer will reduce the chances of having to take it to a repair center and spend money on scans and repairs.

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