How Can You Tell if He's Having an Affair

Men cheat and it’s good for us to know when they do cheat. A relationship is almost like an investment, so we want to get good results. I don’t think you want your money draining out of stock account and not know it or not wanting to do anything about it. You might always want to monitor them and see what’s going on. It’s not hard to spot a man cheating. You can almost tell right away. You know the rhythm of your relationship, so if something is going wrong, you should know about it right away.

 I guess you can consider it a loss if someone cheats on your since you’re wasn’t your time and energy on someone that doesn’t care about you, while you can be using that time and energy for someone better. You won’t get anything in the end but heartache and headache so you must know if they’re being faithful or not. A relationship requires commitment and if your partner can’t provide that to you then you need to move on. Here are several ways to find out if he’s cheating on you.

You feel different

All of the sudden, you feel different about your relationship. You feel like something is missing or going wrong. You can usually feel these things if you have been with people for a long time. You should know the routine and if they’re not going right then something is wrong. You don’t connect like you use to or you don’t go out like you use to or you feel a lack of passion between the two of you.

You fight often

There must be a reason why he’s picking fight with you. A good relationship doesn’t end up with fights so he must not be into you or he wants to pick fights so you two can break up. He might not have that much respect or passion for you and that’s why he doesn’t care enough to keep it peaceful. This is often a sign that your relationship will be heading downhill so get out while you can. People who really love each other will try to protect each other and they don’t always end up in fights.

He ignores you

He no longer takes you out, plans to take you out, call you or answer your phone calls. He’s often gone during the night time or the weekend. You might be pondering where he’s about. If he’s still in love with you or in tune with you, he will still be calling you, answering your call, take you out or make plans with you. This is a sign that something is going wrong if he ignores you. If a guy doesn’t pick up the phone more than three times and doesn’t call you back in time then you should take it as a sign that he’s no longer interested.

He change his style

If all of the sudden, he dies his hair, work out, use nice cologne, whiten his teeth and go out often then you know something is up. If you live with him, you should see the difference. A man usually doesn’t do these things unless he’s doing it to impress another woman. You should watch out for these signs.