How do People Living Life in Peace ?

Every human  born on the world ,  is not alone. They want  together  a family or of society. They live together in the society of peace. Everyone will have to adapt. Because  person is different in  aspects. Whether is the idea of the attitude and the attention  to capability or even their status. Cause conflicts Dissatisfaction In society. We will not be happy. But to live together of everyone requires  attention. In particular, the attention  of feelings. We must be careful not to  our actions or our words to make people love pain. And  if we miss anything.  Must be attention that it description and say sorry . Don’t think through and through. Nothing important than feelings in the mind of people who love. We must be mindful of this subject. If he is angry, we want know what anger. And be ready to improve comprehension, not feel make outstanding. Which every human want to happiness . Satisfaction in  together with others in the society of peace. everyone must create  relationships. For guidelines  that will make happy to together with others in society. Good relationship is not very difficult. Just to talk to anyone with a cheery mood.

Speak with a melodious voice, beaming are people with kindness, friendship.

The kind is made easy by all the anyone does not spend much money. Only  mercy  to mankind by helping and try to make a  useful  to others. The people are sincere , say and actions consistent. Which cause the trust and faith in the us. Good listener in a conversation and pay attention to the conversation partner. Have responsibility for their duties as  full assignment. Until you accomplish work on time. With responsibility for work   failure and try to find a solution to the problem. There is a discipline. The principles to live by Buddhist principles. Agree to listen to opinions of others. Do good to others without expecting a return. 

Practice of   law  convention of society. Have to respect  and  follow  tradition  of society  good. Have  honest  and  forthright. Not dishonest or fraudulent. Everyone has harmonious  and ideas is one of  the same mind. The sacrifice to help others in society. Profession is Honest. The openness and consciousness. Both  reviews and Praise. Know think  and feelings other. Matter what good will be small or big. Even if others are not recognized everyone But our hearts are always recognized. Provides more recipients and not hope that others will to us. Should give love to others, will always ready to provide help any time.  provide  help  we can help. That help human friends together, considered the most valuable. Regulate mood , not destroy things and sarcastic manner. Have the courtesy  to  respect and respect each other. If anyone can do it even if we have differences. But everyone has different needs . Is want  to live in society with happiness and  loved by everyone. When there is a problem, they help each other. The love and unity. And most importantly  to forgive each other. We will live together in peace.