How Do You Make a Personalized Blanket Into a Keepsake Gift?

OK. You take a great photo. It’s one you are really proud of. Maybe it’s a photo of your son’s winning shot at the basketball game. Or of the cat chasing a string on the floor. Or a close-up of your favorite butterfly. You think that photograph might make a great gift for someone close to you. So now what? The first thought might be a personalized blanket. But keep reading.

Forget the Frame

Nothing can make a more meaningful and thoughtful gift than a personalized blanket using your photo. Your photograph is the only one just like it in the entire world. Photos express our unique vision like nothing else can. It can be something taken 50 years ago or 50 minutes ago. That is why photos are so cool. But, if you want to give the gift of photography, what do you do?

The obvious choice is to place your 8×10 into a frame, wrap it up and gift it. The picture is definitely unique, but the frame – not so much. Might not be what your loved one is looking for – another framed picture. Boring yet safe gift choice. Or, as we’ve mentioned, a personalized blanket is great. But, there is a better idea.

Actually, there are two “better” ideas to transform your photos into true keepsakes. If you’ve never considered a woven tapestry to showcase your special photo, then you’re missing the opportunity to become a true gift giving legend. But, just what is a tapestry?

Tapestries have been around a long time. They are intricate pieces of artwork (even more detailed than a personalized blanket) that come alive through the artistry of weaving. Originally woven by hand, their images often depicted great tales of valor or were stylized portraits – long before photographs made the scene. They are highly detailed, very colorful, and with the aid of new technology, the perfect medium for personalized photos.

Yes, You Have Options

When it comes to tapestry wall hangings, you have two options. Both are very neat, and each provides a very different look. The first is a traditional tapestry wall hanging. Here, very fine yarn is used (much finer than what you would fine in a typical woven picture blanket), which allows an amazing level of detail within the weave. A rod pocket is sewn in to allow a hanging rod to be inserted, which itself adds to the unique look of the piece. Backing fabric is also applied to finish the backside of the tapestry.

Option two is galled a gallery wrap. It also uses the finer yarn and achieves the same stunning level of detail as the traditional hanging tapestry does above. But, instead of a hanging rod, the woven material is stretched around a wooden frame, giving the piece a finished look that is ready to hang. This too creates a very attention grabbing presentation for any personalized photo.

So, as you can see, there are ways to transform your unique photos into really jaw dropping gifts that don’t involve traditional frames. In fact, you could say the frame is something anyone would expect. But, take the very same photograph and create a woven tapestry (or even a personalized blanket) with it and you’ve got something that will be proudly displayed for a lifetime.