How do you play soccer

How do you play soccer? There are basic elements that you will need to understand before you can play soccer. First, to play soccer, you will need a ball. The ball is the one single very important piece of equipment that you will need to play soccer. Remember that soccer is all about playing with a ball. When playing soccer, a player can manipulate the ball around the play field by kicking it for long passes. You can also do corner kicks and penalty kicks when trying to make a score. There are many ways of manipulating the ball during a soccer game. You must also remember that when playing soccer, a player should not keep the ball for very long.

He or she will need to pass the ball to his or her <u>teamates</u>. In order to pass the ball to your teammates, you will need to learn the trick of grasping the ball with their feet and kicking it off to you or your other team members. Passing the ball to your teammates can be done by a simple kick with the inside of your foot. Or, you can use a more complicated maneuver using the outside portion of your foot. You can also stop the ball’s movement by trapping it. Trapping the ball means gaining control of the ball by using your feet, thigh, shin or chest. When you get the ball trapped, you can either dribble it or pass it to your teammates.

The second element that you should remember when playing soccer is that this is a team game, meaning; you will need teammates. For recreational soccer, you can always play one on one with a friend but that would be a lot of hard work and it isn’t as much fun as playing with a team. You cannot play soccer all day, just the two of you. Chances are you will both feel exhausted after an hour or even less. The third element that you must remember in the game of soccer is that you will need opponents. Soccer is about kicking the ball against an opponent. Your opponent could be a team of players. In professional soccer, the team is composed of 11 members where 10 shall be playing in the field and one shall serve as the goalie. However for recreational soccer, you can play with fewer members on your team.

The fourth element of soccer is the playing field. When you play soccer, you will need a field with boundaries. The official size for soccer fields can range from around 50 to 100 yards in width, and 100 to 130 yards long. Note that the size of the playing field can be reduced depending on the type of players that you may have. The rules on soccer allows the reduction on the size of the playing field for women players, for younger players ranging from the age of 16 to 35 years old, and for those soccer leagues which features players with disabilities. Note also that if you are playing recreational soccer, it is not advisable to use a large playing field. In most cases, recreational soccer players do not have the same stamina as the professional soccer players so it would not be a good idea to use a large playing field as this will be counter productive. The large playing field will make the players get exhausted easily and they may not enjoy the game as much as when they are playing on a small field.