How Facebook Can Harm Our Chances of Recruitment

We all are here at facebook, twitter and linked in. We comment, we get in touch and we share our whereabouts through them, and they have infringed in our daily life as basic necessities. Yet there is lot more to it, when we talk about these social media sites. Right now, they are an unofficial identity mark in the society, and modern institutions have picked them up as one of their major strategy of human resource management.

Once we have our face shown in the facebook, the world knows about us, they are permitted to comment, and they know the circle to which we belong to.

This is how the recent big companies have taken up the opportunity to know the candidate in and out, and in the process as professional individuals we lose the opportunity to be selected among the honoured few.

As and when we keep updating our events in these social media sites, we are proportionately getting exposed to the professional world as well, which though we think to be an advantage, may not always turn out to be. It creates equal chances of the recuiters to reject a candidate just because, his whereabouts may not be up to the mark, or impressive enough for the recruiters. A friend, a comeent,a photograph, an inhouse event or even a joke shared on this site can spoil the entire show.

The most disadvantage of such social media sites is, it mixes up the professional world with the private one. It interferes with the matters where it needs separation, independence, freedom and privacy. With the appearance of a lucretive method to be known among bigger circles, some real big opportunities take a back seat and we  are left with those contacts which do not really enhance our circle, nor upgrade our profile.

There are easy way out to this particular fallacy. One has to be selective about sharing his whereabouts on these sites. The options and privacy settings are provided for these kinds of unwanted interventions, and one who really is serious about his upgradation as a professional has to be careful while sharing fun online.

An attempt of appearing too attractive, glamourous and social bee may not always fetch the goal that was attempted at.

The other way of solution to this intricacy of professional world, is maintaining a decorum, a social ettiquette and have limited number of trustworthy and known people in the friend’;;s list.

The other cooperation has to come from the recruiter’;;s corner as well. They must also realise, that a private person needs his relaxation after a day’;;s work and is not supposed to be judged while he’;;s not on duty. Measuring people by his mere associations, interests and events may lose out the hunt for the talent, sincerity and dedication. It is also possible that a friend list seen on a profile may not essentially prove that they are really linked in, nor does it matter what face a person is putting up when he meets his childhood friend, neighbour and relatives with what job he is looking for and what speciality he has picked up.

No doubt recruiters look for dynamic characters and non-controversial backgrounds, but it also goes side by side that, no one has yet achieved the final dynamic state, each of us are in the making of it. And mistakes, fun and frolic everything do count upon this making of that ideal candidate who wears the uniform pattern of dressing when he is inside the office premises. What work we can exploit out of him do really come out of his experiences, which aparently may not seem to be appreciating enough every time.