How I Evolved to Become a Blogger

                    I remember my life before blogging became a part of it. If something brilliant comes to mind, I will write it in Microsoft Word and have it stored on file. Keeping my life journals for nearly 2 decades and having half of it in paper still waiting to be deciphered (I started writing 5 years before the computer hit the world market), I am aspiring to write a book about all of what I have written to make my life achievement booked (literally speaking). The forces of nature took its toll; some writings in paper had been eaten by termites and my computer files had been feasted by viruses. Well at least I managed to retrieve some copies of drafts while the topic was evolving but for some critical points I couldn’t recall, I failed to reconstruct the rest. I recall buying an IBM selectric typewriter at the latter years they were placed on surplus sale owing to the introduction of computers and I just incurred a headache searching for costly cartridges since stores were rarely selling them anymore. Acquiring my IBM Pentium 3 T20 laptop computer was actually a marvel. It was actually paid out of a salary loan payable for 3 years but it proved its use saving me from tracking where I have placed my scribble pads and notebooks. The wonders of the internet was sort of an impediment however, it was a distraction that made me forget writing for some time.

                   Writing this article on my 3rd laptop, a SONY VAIO boasting of a Centrino Duo processor; blogging stepped into my life to claim part of my life’s work after I left the Philippines and start life here in the U.K. Technology has its setbacks of shutdowns and operational system glitches but blogging gives me the drive to get on with it. The blog site may have server malfunctions but who cares? As of this writing, my earnings had been frozen to $ 13.13 after 5 months of blogging and I must say it is but a fraction of my expectations. Seeing his works published is a writer’s greatest fulfillment. Interacting with fellow writers is a writer’s utmost joy. Enjoyment which doesn’t come at cost is everyone’s dream. Of course I couldn’t thrive to live with a few earnings and getting drunk with enjoyment but who cares? I got work to support my blogging and I am obliged to keep on working to make my blogging even more enjoying. How could I get the enjoyment out of this you will wonder how. . . Well it’s the simple equation of one’s ultimate escape. I escape my frustration of my low earnings in blogging by earning my week-long salary at work. Then how do I get relieved from each day’s hard work of sweeping the floor of a big company unminding my precious college education? You guessed it right, I get home everyday to open up my laptop and get back to blogging and commenting on my fellow writer’s blogs. Interacting with fellow bloggers in comparison is twice the enjoyment a company president faces in a conference listening to company problems, budget cuts and sacking employees to save operational expenses and all that (which I doubt if he enjoys). So who’s got the best of both worlds, of work and play? In blogging my life became whole. What about you?