How marriages are not compared by the religion?

From the past centuries, man has taken his own decisions but failed to realize the importance of one’s free will. Whenever men rose in power, they mostly destroyed peace and harmony of the world. Man’s true nature is to rule and to win the world. In front of man’s ego, nothing is important. Similarly, man took religion in the middle and waged a war against peace and humanity. What does God want? He wants peace, harmony, love. But man, in the name of God, fights and kills. Religion plays an important role in everyone’s life and at times, it also interferes between the love of a man and a woman.

What is a religion? Sacred bond of a soul. Likewise, marriage also is a sacred bond of souls. When there is a question of love and soul, then there must not be anything related with religion or other controversial issues.

Marriage cannot be defined by religion because it is the love of two individuals which does matter and nothing else. It is the choice of lovers to choose their life partners and nowhere, in any religious book in world, it is mentioned whom you should love and what partner you should get. Love is not based on religion as a whole; it is based on understanding and your own choice. Man is free to take his own decision and to choose what he wants and to follow his instincts, but many of the people do not follow it. They do not understand, they do not realize. They are like dumb lambs following others, why? Because the leaders are going somewhere and they have to follow them with their heads down and then wait for the day when they would be sacrificed?

God is one, this, all know but they fight and die in His name. There are different cultures, religions, traditions, etc; of different parts of the world. In western world, mostly it does not matter if you marry anyone of any race. This is because western people are broad minded and they are practical, mostly. Whereas, you would not find this in India or many parts of the world. In many parts of Asia, say, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc; inter-caste marriage is still an issue. However, things have changed from the past decades, and Indians are getting hooked with partners from other religions but still many do have same old illogical mentality that a person should marry in his or her own religion, caste, etc.

How does it matter when a person wants to marry the one he or she loves from other religion? It is like sticking your son or daughter to someone he or she does not love because his or her

partner is from your religion. So? They have to live life like this? Because of religion? Don’t we have our own choice? Are we still living in some century where people are bounded and killed for no reason? I feel, at times, yes we are still bounded and chained not physically but mentally and emotionally.

Some time ago, women and men- the lovers were physically abused for marrying out or even loving outside their religion. And now, the time has changed, some Indian parents know very well how to blackmail their children emotionally. They do not take physical means now, but they take emotional means by trying various ways that their children should listen to them and marry the ones they choose from their own religion. It is all stupidity!

In India, there are many states where they sacrifice their daughters in the name of honor killing’. Why? Because she wanted to live her own life with someone different from her religion? Some weeks ago, it was all in the papers that in one of the states, they brutally butchered two lovers when the girl’s family caught them together. Is this all because of religion? Does religion teach and guide people to kill if they do not wish to marry someone they do not love or comfortable with?

Time will change every moment, and memories will vanish with the bodies. Life is not a mere joke that one has to follow what they do not want to. It is time that man has to come out of these chains and do what he really feels like. Different religion, race, caste, etc; he should shun and should not think about anything but his own heart. After all, love is everything, and true love is true religion!