How Much Should I Weigh?

Fashion trends and news media shape our perspective on how much someone should weigh. These images of the ideal are often not what your body weight should be and can actually be unhealthy.

Body weight from your height

Health professionals usually use what is called the body mass index or BMI as a general quantifier of how normal a person’s weight is for their height. You can determine BMI from a simple formula: BMI = weight in kilograms/(height in meters squared). In general, your BMI will go up as you get taller, and normal ranges are 20-30 depending on your height.

Body weight charts

Waist circumference

The fat that accumlates in your abdominal region is consider some of the most dangerous health indicators. If you see your abdominal fat increasing it could mean you are highly unhealthy.

What can I do to lose weight?

Most people believe they can just exercise to lose weight and it is true that this is a key component but realize that a half hour in a gym usually is equivalent to eating a single poptart. The key area you need to focus on is eating less, because it is must easier to not eat a poptart than to spend thirty minutes in the gym.

Should I lose weight?

First consider your BMI, is it 25 or higher? Do you have heart disease risk factors? Is your waist circumference high? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you may want to start thinking about losing weight.