How to avoid getting robbed in Facebook Mafia Wars

One of the most frustrating moments in Mafia Wars is when you get robbed. You not only lose money, but you also have to pay for repairs again and again. Moreover, your properties will give you less money than usual until they are fully repaired. Are you sick and tired of it? Masters of the game have come to some easy tips to help you never get robbed again.

1. Grow Your Family

Remember that you must always have the same number of family members as your level. For example, if your level is 54, then you must have at least 54 people in your mob. Doing so, all 54 members will help you out and prevent any possible attacker from stealing your business. Unfortunately, size does matters when it comes to Mafia Wars.

2. Update Your Inventory

Just having a big mob, does not insure you that you will be fully protected. Your people need ammo, vehicles, and armor to assist you. Otherwise, just with bare hands, their support will be ineffective thus making you an easy target. Do not spend your money on purchasing properties. Your first concern must be to fully equip your mob with as many weapons and vehicles you can.

3.  Become A Winner

Try to win as many fights as you can; search and find the weaker players, attack them and boost your winning ratio. This way, you will be able to win fights risking almost zero loses. This is essential in Mafia Wars as when you are about to rob someone, you always check their status first and specifically, their wins-loses info. You have to be really brave to attack someone that loses nearly no fights. There is no need to maximize your defense level as it does no good when it comes to robberies.

4. Keep A Low-Profile

Play smart; especially when you are not a high level player yet. In Mafia Wars, you have to try not to become notorious as you do not want to draw attention. This also means that you must not rob other players as they will definitely pay you back.

5. Avoid Hitlists

Getting robbed is extremely annoying but taking revenge for it by putting your attacker on a hitlist, is not the solution. Remember that they are not alone; they have their own family members. So, by wanting their head on a plate will also frustrate their friends. You do not want to get massively robbed, right?

6. Become A Pro

Players, who seek other players to rob, always choose the weak ones. Who is a better target than a low-level player? Keep in mind that many people rob just because and not for earning cash. Everybody wants to play safe, thus high levels players are immediately out of the possible victims list. Complete as many jobs as you can to level-up and become a difficult target. Moreover, if you are a top-player, you will then have the ability to fly over to Cuba where no one can touch you.

Mafia Wars is full of criminals and injustice; no one plays fair and robberies are just a part of the game. Follow these easy rules and you will soon see that no one will ever try to harm you again. Happy play!