How to Avoid Your *Car Being Broken Into*

This crime is known as, “Burglary from Motor Vehicle” or “Theft from Motor Vehicle” depending on whether or not the thief had to break into a ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’ car.

There are numerous articles already written on this subject as there should be. This is a major problem and many people are falling victim to it so we all could stand to practice better safety habits.

I encourage you to learn all you can and educate yourself on this subject by clicking on all the information on this page reading the related articles.

The crime, ‘Burglary from Motor Vehicle’ is so unnecessary and can be avoided if you follow these tips:

Step 1

Do NOT leave anything visible in your car even if it’s an old gym bag full of sweaty clothes. You may know that the item you’re leaving inside your car is of NO value but a thief will take a chance and break your window to find out.

Step 2

GPS systems are a popular item for a thief to steal. The GPS system can be sold on the street very quickly so you need to beware that if you leave it attached to your window than sooner or later you will lose it.

If you think taking the GPS system off your windshield and hiding in your glove box is a good idea… think again.
A thief will look for the little round suction ‘mark’ left on the window where you stick the GPS then he knows you have put it away or tried to hide. Try to avoid sticking the GPS to the inside of your window.

Step 3

Parking in ‘well lit’ areas is a good idea but many ‘vehicle burglaries’ happen during the day so a well lit area isn’t always the answer.

Parking in a ‘well traveled’ area where lots of people are around is a better idea.

A thief doesn’t care about ‘lights’ he cares if someone can ‘see’ him so park your car in the front, next to a entrance, at the end of the row and out in the open where lot’s of people can see your car.

Step 4

Leave your glove box open and your center console so a thief can see there is nothing in there.

Step 5

Never park your car and then take out your brief case, lap top, packages and valuables and put them in the trunk and then walk away thinking all is safe.
A watchful thief sees what you have and will wait until you are gone, break your window, pop your trunk or tear out your back seat to get to your items you just put in the trunk.

Put the items in your trunk before you get to your next destination.

Step 6

Never try to hide anything under your seat.

A watchful thief sees you bend forward stuffing whatever it is you’re trying to hide. Often times your purse or brief case can’t fit all the way under the seat and a strap or corner will hang out giving the thief a clear view something is there.

Step 7

Locking your car and having a good alarm system is a great idea.

But there is something to be said about leaving your car ‘unlocked or a window rolled down’ as long as you have absolutely nothing in your car. Most people would agree that it would be better that a thief easily open your car door, finds nothing and then gets scared away by a loud alarm rather then get a broken window.

  • Have good common sense the next time you park and leave items of value in your car.
  • As you practice good safety habits you will avoid the aggravation, the loss and the stress of discovering you are a victim.

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