How to be a Good Writer…….

Do you know the first thing to be a good writer is to have a goal to be a good writer and write things about which you know, that comes from the heart. Read a lot of articles about writing. Read as much as you can, write as much as you can, Build your vocabulary, build up your own writing style. Remember to become a good writer takes time and a lot of practise. You cannot be a professional writer in just one-day. Keep it simple and write as you talk. For a start Never try to write in very old English or like a poet. Never write a thing which will be boring to you. Cos if so it will defiantly be boring to the reader as well. Use active verbs that makes the sentences short. Decide on what you are going to write and how it will look in the end. Stay in touch with the world, read newspapers and gain knowledge about things that are happening around the world. Try to have a strong beginning and a proper ending. Never start good and end it short and quick. Well hope this is useful. And good luck,for those who want to be a good writer.

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