How to be Patient in Life

Patience is the most needed quality in your character as it helps you to mold yourself into a focused person and makes you achieve your goal in a very emphatic manner. In this stress filled world we find ourselves losing patience even on trivial factors. If you are impatient it is going to affect your health and you tend to go out of focus.

When you are held up in a traffic snarl, you get so worked up thinking of the angry boss, assuming he will be wild with you for your late coming. You take that mood to the office and there everything seems to go wrong because of your impatience. Your work efficiency suffers and you find yourself completely thrown off balance, with even a small work assuming enormous proportion

You know one thing I enjoy while on road is observing people. When I am caught in a traffic jam, I simply start observing people closing my mind to the frustration of being held up .I observe the way people dress, giving full marks to a well dressed person. When I see a sloppily dressed person I wonder about their dress sense. It is a joy to see young children, looking very cool, while their frustrated parents have a fuming look. Getting worked up is not going to clear the traffic. Stay calm and composed and you will find you are not burnt out with impatience and your energy will be fruitfully used in your work place.

In home also, a moment of patience saves hours of despair and unhappiness. Heated words and bitter fights will not get you any where; rather it spoils the day for you. If it is the wife who is a bit off color, the husband should play the part of a pacifier and you will find the fight soon petering out. If both get impatient then a precious day is lost for you, a day which could have been filled with laughter and love. If it is the husband who heats up, it is up to the wife to remain patient. If both become impatient then there is nothing but unhappiness and bitterness.

 A patient man is blessed with a clear brain which makes him a true professional and his work efficiency is hundred percent. He is not worked up on trivialities which mask his brain with frustration making it impossible for him to focus on his goal. Do not let your colleague to disturb you. If on the other hand you are patient and cordial, you will find people reaching out to you. This people’s skill is a stepping stone to immense success and only a patient person can achieve this.

Do meditation. Get up early in the morning and enjoy the wonderful silence. Think about the pleasant moments in your life. This gives you a soothing effect making you feel the peace in you. This peace will make you sail through the day with a complete calmness which gears up your full potential. Practice yoga which is a great way to develop patience.

You can also practice patience. If you are placed in a situation where some one rubs you the wrong way, you just tell yourself ‘I will not allow anything to bother me. I will remain patient’. Amazing, truly amazing, this intention of being patient gives you an unbelievable capacity of developing patience inany situation. Your mind will more clear and focused enabling you to stride your towards your path of success .Your aim of excellence in whatever you do will be fine tuned if you are patient. A clear and patient person sees things in its proper perspective which is the very essence of success.