How to become a full time writer

Becoming a full time writer isn’t especially easy. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, long hours and some innate talent to succeed as a full time writer. That being said, if you want to write for a living, there are some things you can do to try to make it happen.

The first thing you need to do if you want to become a full time writer is to understand what exactly that means. Most writers don’t sit around writing novels and short stories all day long. Full time writers work for a living, just like anyone else. You need to investigate the market, and understand what kinds of writing opportunities exist.

Once you’ve got  a good feel for what’s out there, the next thing you need to do on your way to becoming a full time writer is figure out what you’re good at. Some people are great at writing sales copy, but stink at writing technical papers. Some people do wonderful when it comes to writing Search Engine Optimized web page content, but couldn’t write a good blog if their life depended on it. Try different kinds of writing, and see what suits you in terms of your talents as well as your interest.

Next, you need to land some writing jobs. There are lots of opportunities for writers, both offline and online. In the offline world you typically need to do a lot of legwork that involves submitting particular pieces to specific publications, only to wait for several months to find out if the piece was accepted or not. In contrast, you can hop on a freelance writing job site today and find people who want to pay you right away for work of a specific type.

Finally, you need to learn to treat your writing like a business. Most people can learn to write in one form or another. However, it takes a truly entrepreneurial mind and a desire to get out there and really make a go of it as a small business owner if you’re going to write full time. You have to pound pavement, you have to constantly hone your skills, you have to learn to market, and you have to do all of the other things that any other small business has to do in order to succeed.

Being a full time writer isn’t easy, but it is a wonderful life. If you can make it work for you, there are few professions that provide more personal satisfaction.