How to Become a Successful Person

How to become a successful person

                Though this a billion dollar question as to become a success in life, people run after it without planning. One must know that there are certain factors which govern success. Success is never achieved without positive effort. The three factors which govern success are- time, nature and the unseen power. These factors seem to dictate the course of in very potent and powerful manner. If we penetrate deep inside these factors namely time nature and unseen power, we can assume that fatedestiny and will is beyond the human control and time is the greatest test that one has to pass through. Time determines the past present and the future and therefore it is itself the fate. Nature is supreme and all powerful. With mastery gained in science and technology and with the modern techniques of management, harnessing the resources available from nature has become a great promise. But the inner secrets of nature are yet to be known and it seems to defy every bit of knowledge and specialization gained. The more we try to explore nature, the more nature seems to dominate us through its invisible secrets and the unseen power.

               The very recent example of global warming which was recent slogan of many developed countries so as to reduce pollution just became ridiculous, as the recent global freezing has proved that man is still a tiny tot in front of the nature. The unseen power cannot be dismissed away as a myth or superstition nor it can be treated as a part of nature, rather the unseen power dominates the nature itself. If we really wish to achieve success we have put 90% of our effort but 10% of blessings from the unseen power i.e. God only then it becomes 100% without this 10% our 90% is useless and without 90% this 10% is also meaningless

            GOD is one and only one for any religion, caste and creed. If we look at the abbreviation of GOD G- stands for generator i.e. Vishnu, O- stands for organizer i.e. Brahma and D- stands for destroyer of the evil i.e. Maheshvar(Shiva).