How to Buy a Wedding Cake

Go through all of wedding magazines, books any wedding brochures, reception brochures and take a look at the different kinds of wedding cakes. You can do this anywhere and have lots of fun doing it. You can also go online to see what is out there as far as cakes.

You then need to determine if where you are having the reception can also make the cake. Is there someone on the premises who can make it for you?If you are having the cake transported to the reception site ask if there is a fee for transport.Once you have determined who will do the cake you then need to allow some time for the fun part – tasting! For the tasting you get samples of what your cake will taste like. You can also suggest a flavor that you want to have and can they accommodate you. 

Next to flavor, you also need to determine what you want the cake to look like. Remember you can have your cake ANY way you want, there is no limit. The only limit on the cake is your budget and they should be able to tell you want the cost is while giving you the cake of your dreams.

Try to be creative about getting the cake, you can do anything that you want, including the shape, size, etc.  Your pastry chef should be able to help you out on this.