How To Buy Fashion on a Low Budget

How To Buy Fashion on a Low Budget

You were out window shopping at a mall and set your eyes on a gorgeous dress, but you cannot afford the price tag. What do you do? Spending money on branded clothing is often the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But where do the middle class shop for such fashion? Shopping, most of the time, depletes your savings, but with careful planning you can own great outfits that are the latest trends, on a low budget! Here’s how…

Fashion: Past and present

The best fashion statement was made way back in the 50’s with the rock n roll era! Crazy Elvis Presley fans wore stovepipe jeans, layers of petticoats and winkle picker shoes. You didn’t need a partner to dance like you did for ballroom dancing! Then came along white knee-length boots to go with a mini skirt and hot pants in the 60’s! As the hem lines started to rise, style statements also began to change… 
Celebrities and models do not go to flea markets or pay retail. It’s us regular folks who find it difficult to get designer outfits to match our wallets! Fashion in its truest sense does not mean wearing designer labels only. With some minor adjustments in your budget, you too can be hip and fashionable!

  • Buying designer reproductions instead of the original label is one great way to save money on branded clothing!
  • Make a note of the design of the outfit you have set your heart on. A tailor can make a $15 dress look like a million dollars!
  • Most designer stores set up discount sales or bargains to clear stock from previous seasons. These may be just the stuff you’ve been craving to own, and you can get them for unbelievable bargain prices! Although stock may include minor-damaged goods, or the clearance sales will be set to run for a very short period of time, so you may have to hurry to grab these goodies!
  • Another avenue to check out is designers collaborating with budget stores for affordable fashions. These are not the same as designer reproductions, but are a mixture of a brand name with a big store. Some examples are Target, H&M, Payless, etc.
  • EBay offers you some great deals on designer wear at unbelievable rates, though shopping online has its own drawbacks. Ensure you know your exact size and fit; check for exchange and return policies and keep the receipt handy in case you need to return or exchange your purchases.
  • Holiday sales are another option to wait for; you get great discounts during festive seasons.  


  • Avoid buying clothes if you do not plan to wear them.
  • Avoid spending too much on clothes you will wear just once or twice, unless you are paying no more than $5.
  • Avoid buying things that don’t fit you, presuming you will lose weight to wear them someday!
  • Most importantly, try on clothes before you buy them; otherwise keep the receipt handy for returns or exchanges.

Keeping these few pointers in mind, and you could end up saving a lot of money and still stay fashionable!