How to care for twins

When you decide to feed your twins, do so at the same time. Some mothers decide to do demand feeding, which means your twins will be on different wake-sleep cycles, and you will constantly be tending to one baby. You don’t have to tandem nurse, but feed one right after you finish feeding the other. At the beginning, your twins might not have much wake time so it might just mean when you’re finished feeding the second twin the first twin might want to go down, but over time, they will have more wake and play time together.

Don’t stress if they don’t go to sleep at the same time. One of my twins needs more sleep than the other so will go down for a nap sometimes half hour before the other one gets tired. Conform to your twins’ needs and don’t insist on them sleeping at the same time or it will result in one twin getting overtired or being awakened by the twin who does not want to go to sleep. In the beginning, it is easier to feed your twins at the same time during the night, but after 8 weeks, there is no need to awaken the second twin if the other wakes up to eat. One of mine sleeps through the night, while the other wakes up halfway through the night for a feeding- there is no need to wake up the other one who is peacefully sleeping.

Change your twins as needed- yes you might need twice the amount of diapers you would for a singleton, but this is not as big of an expense as what they will be later on in life. Sign up for diapers coupons, sign up for the Gifts to Grow program that Pampers offers so you get rewards for the diapers you need, and look to Craigslist to buy diapers. Some church members have donated diapers to us and there are always family members who want to help out with a box of diapers from time to time which saves our expenses.

Whether you decide to buy two of the same of clothes to have your twins match or different outfits, this will be a big expense since you virtually need twice the amount of clothes as a singleton. There are Mothers of Multiples clubs all over the country so it is a great idea to find and join one in your area. MOMs (Mothers of Multiples) post baby items for sale all the time, starting at .50 per piece of clothing and usually not topping $2 per article which beats department store prices anyday! You can also do the same as your babies outgrow their clothes because there is always another MOM in need. Otherwise you can go to one of their consignment sale/yard sales to buy as well as sell your items.

Most importantly know that you don’t have to have two of everything. You could get away with one Graco swing, and one jumparoo if it’s not in your budget to have more than one- not to mention if you don’t have enough space for them. I’ll usually put one in the Jumparoo and the other in the swing, or put one in the vibrating chair and the other in the Exersaucer. Your babies will like different things so change their activity frequently. Most importantly just love your babies, enjoy your time with them, and take lots of pictures because they grow up fast! Talk to other MOMs to get advice- and don’t forget to get outside every once in awhile. Even if it’s just for a quick stroll around the block with the twins in a stroller, it’s good for everyone to have a change of scenery.