How to Choose a Right Panty or Bra

Do you want to surprise your partner or make yourself happy? Focus on underwear. Although you hide it under clothes, but you never know when you’ll have to postpone. Sports, elegant or sexy? For each waiting for a great selection. I advise that suit you best, how to choose the right bra and panties that are right for you. Starting lessons underwear.


The most important thing is to choose the correct size. Pants we would have never downloaded or strangling, so you are rather try before buy it (but always over your underwear). Each brand may have slightly different sizes, although at first glance it may seem same. If you try it at home and it do not fit you then refund or exchange goods before it too late.

Types of panties:

Classical Briefs: This type gradually returning to fashion and significantly different from those who wear our mothers and grandmothers. Today these panties are colorful, cheerful and decorated with rhinestones, ruffles and bows. Prefer booty pants? Choose pants with a lower seat. If you like carry a higher sitting position with firming effect.

Boxers: This panty sold in two versions. The first option is elegant. It is available in lace or satin finish. Another option is sports panties. They are designed for those who prefer comfort. These are mostly cotton, breathable, and often have a reinforcing effect. To be the center of attention? It has a peep from the top edge of jeans pants.

String and Thong: This is particularly appropriate under white clothing, which you can see every seam. It gives a sexy look in combination with white bands. String panties are on the back of only a thin cord or chain. In any case, do not let that protruded from trousers, it looks awful.


The bra is a bit of a problem with size. Most women buy the wrong size, without knowing it. Bras that fit you perfectly, you can see easily. The cup does not stick out anything not in their breasts, and keeps well. The edge of the basket should contain the entire breast. If not, it is a sign that you need a larger cup (not a larger size bra).

Turning back would be on a plane or a bit higher. Clothes are not cuts or fall and if you upload your hands up, the bra should not be uncomfortable hike. Not sure what size? Ask for advice in specialist shops.

Push-ups: Do not have big boobs? Then, this scheme is designed specifically for you. Special effect push-ups put a chest you desire. Victoria’s Secret reportedly produces the best bras, but you can also buy it from the cheaper stores, such as Ann Christine.

Sports: Sport bras are designed for passionate athletes that need to fix a bust. Moreover, extreme breath ability and prevent sweating. They may even turn on the neck.

Reinforced: This can be found in several different designs. Reinforced bras are suitable for those who like to wear tank tops and strapless tops on their breast. They reinforced the middle and lower baskets are permitted to wear strapless.

To spend a passionate night, always wear a suspenders and corset. That no man can resist. No one is waiting for you at home? Go to the shop and get one of those panty or bra for yourself, because you never know when you need it.