How to clean your whole house in under 2 hours

Want to clean your whole home in under 2 hours? Not many of us really enjoy cleaning, but by following these steps in order you can clean your whole house in 2 hours or less.
Whether you need to clean up for guests coming to dinner tonight or it has been a while since you’ve cleaned, this guide will help you get the job done quick. You won’t even have to sweep anything under the carpet!

The focus here is going room by room with each step, rather then trying to do everything to each room before moving to the next room.

Pick up:

Go through your house, room by room, and quickly pick up things like clothes, trash, toys, and other things that need to be put away. This will help speed up the vacuuming you’ll do in a bit. Plus you’ll start noticing a cleaner home right after this step.

Dust everywhere:

Instead of focusing on cleaning one room completely at a time, this guide focuses on cleaning the entire house in the least amount of time possible. Get your dust rag or Swiffer brush or whatever you use to dust with. Go room by room and dust off any and all surfaces.

You’ll even have time to move picture frames, vases, and lamps to dust tables and desks. Don’t worry if the dust and dirt falls on the floor, because the next step will take care of that. Be sure you dust every room including the bathrooms.

Empty the trash:

Empty the trash, clean the litter boxes, empty the recycling at this point. Doing these things now in the cleaning process means that if you drop some dirt or trash while moving the trash, the next step will automatically take care of that mess.

Run the vacuum cleaner:

After you’ve picked up loose items and dusted each room, go back and get your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum each and every room. You’ll pick up excess dust and dirt that fell off the furniture from the dusting part of your home cleaning.

Plus since you’ve already picked up and put away most of the things in the way of the vacuum, you’ll move more quickly through each room. Don’t forget to vacuum both hardwood and carpeted areas.

Hardwood cleaning:

This step is technically optional and depends on how shiny you want your floors. Go through each room with your mop and cleaner and do each area of hardwood floor. Skip right to the next step if you don’t need to do this.

Tile and hard surface cleaning:

Next on the list is to hit all the bathrooms, kitchen, and other tiled areas. Since you’ve already dusted these surfaces, wiping them clean will be a cinch. For fastest results use a product like Clorox disinfectant wipes.

With these wipes you can clean, shine, and disinfect all your bathroom and kitchen surfaces in one step. This is a huge time saver. Plus the wetness of the wipes can trap and pick up grime and dirt stuck to these surfaces.

Final check:

Go back through your home and you’ll notice how clean it now is. Make beds, straighten up picture frames, shelves, end tables, and pillows. Spray some air freshener in each room and you are all finished.

You’ve successfully cleaned your house in about 2 hours or less and you didn’t even have to take any shortcuts. This isn’t that ‘looks clean’ method but a full and good cleaning for your entire home.