How to Control Your Dreams?

  When we know clearly that we are having a dream, we can control our dream. Most of the time, you will become conscious in the middle of your dream. Once you realize that you are having a dream, you can decide how things open, change and close.

  For those who have bad dreams frequently, this method can serve them as a therapy, which help them to find the way to have good dreams and a good sleep.

  But how to archive consciousness when you are dreaming? The best way to do this is to play a music when you go to sleep. Music can resonate you brain waves and help you to archive resonance at the REM stage. You should choose music that makes you relax, and train yourself to archive conscious dreaming.

Here are the methods of training:

First method: Think about the content which you are going to dream. Which part you are going to take control. It helps to give yourself hints, so you can have better control over your dream.

In fact, there are nothing in the dream that can hurt you, everything come from your own imagination, the only limit is your ability to imagine.

Second method: Write diaries. Record how you control your dream and which method did you use.

Put a pen and notebook beside your bed. So you can write down what you dreamt about. By controlling your dream, nothing is impossible.

Of course, there are also downside of using this method. This is when you real life happen in your dream, there are nothing surprising to you. In day time, you want to be appreciated by your boss, and you let it to happen during your dream, it limits your imagination and make your dream dull. To me, having natural dreams is better than having controlled dreams, unless you have bad dreams all the time.