How to Create a Stronger Bond With Your Child

Put a little extra effort in the things you do with your child to create a stronger bond. Try to put all else aside whether you’re stressed over money, work, home life or whatever, spend time with your child and give him you full attention. Erase all concerns from your mind for the time being and just enjoy being together. Creating a stronger bond with your child means being there for him body and mind. If you’re somewhere else, mentally, when your together, your child will sense this and feel slighted. Giving your time completely to your child is far more important than any bills you need to pay, chores that need done, or phone calls you need to make..even if only for an hour or so.

Spend quiet time together away from television and video games. Read a book together, play a board game, or make up a fun game together. Creating a stronger bond with your child does not come from vegging out in front of the TV together, though this can be fun when it’s a movie you’re watching or a favorite television program. In order to create a better relationship with your child, it’s important to spend time doing things one on one without distant interruptions. This way, you can actually interact with your child and find out how he is really doing. Communicating without home electronics will create a stronger bond that will be remembered by your child.

Do fun activities you both enjoy rather than things you always want. Of course parents need to take children to do errands such as grocery shopping, paying bills, and picking up laundry. But, if you take the time to do something fun with your child often, you’ll be creating a stronger bond that your child will appreciate. Do things your child loves to do such as riding bikes, playing basketball, or even a game of hide and seek. When you do an activity that is fun for your child as often as you can, you create a bond by forming a solid friendship with your child. Plus, he’ll think you’re a pretty great parent for doing things he enjoys instead of just dragging him along to do the things you need to do all the time.

Tell your child how much he means to you every chance you get. When your child knows how much you love and appreciate him, you’ll be creating a stronger bond that will stay with him forever. A child who knows he’s loved for who he is no matter what will feel confident, happy, and close to his parents. If a child is always yelled at or criticized (which we are all guilty of doing sometimes when we are stressed), he’ll begin to feel insecure and perhaps even a little angry. Try to be patient and calm with your child, even when he’s upset you. Show him that you love him unconditionally no matter what he has done. Always kiss and hug him to show him affection. A child who is loved deeply will form a stronger bond with his parents and love himself as well.

Make your child your main priority to create a stronger bond. Life sometimes makes it difficult for us to always be in tuned to those we love and sometimes our child is no different. Try to put all other things aside and make your child the most important thing in your life. When your child knows he is important to you he’ll feel that bond and reciprocate with his own forms of love and attention. This will make your bond even greater. Whether you have a partner, a spouse, needy friends, or family that strives for your attention, make your child the most important thing in your life. No one should ever come above your child, ever.