How to Create an Internet Business Plan

1. Keep in mind the reason you want to start up an online business, as it will make the work involved seem minuscule. Financial freedom? More Free-time? To better provide for your family? These are all good reasons to work hard for that first online venture. It’ll make that internet business plan all the more real for you

2. Come up with a fairly vague plan for your business. Like “Selling stuff on eBay” or “Freelance writing”, keep it simple and try to do a little research on it. Write a small paragraph on what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. This will certainly make writing an internet business plan much easier.

3. Figure out who your customers are, how you plan to reach them, your pricing, and your competitors. What can you do better than your competition? This is important to know for a good internet business plan.

4. Now plan out specific goals for specific days. Try to be realistic while also challenging yourself. These goals should sound something like:
“1/1/10 – Find and Contact Drop-shippers”
“1/3/10 – Test and Write Descriptions of Products”
“1/5/10 – Place items on eBay”
This is fairly easy to do and will give you clear deadlines for what you would like accomplished and can give you a good outline for your online business plan

5. Now figure out your goals financially, how much you want to be making by when. Like your other goals, try to keep them realistic while also making them as challenging as possible.

6. Finalize your internet business plan. By now all the information should simply be sitting in front of you. Put it into a nice template in a word processor if you’d like, or just keep it as is. Remember to keep this out where you can see it or it won’t do you any good.

7. Above all, stay adaptable. The internet is an ever changing entity, so just go with the flow (or ahead of it if possible). It’s important to stick with your business plan as much as you can, but modify it where and when necessary