How to decorate yard at Christmas

Christmas time means Santa, Turkey, maybe Ham,  and presents under the Christmas Tree. Bring joy to your family and neighbors and make a Christmas theme yard decoration display. Decide on a  main theme like Santa Claus and add other smaller plywood cut outs and real items to complete your decorations.  Light the decoratiions with spots and tree lights and watch the people drive by!

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Things you’ll need:

  • Plenty of ideas from holiday magazines, stores, on-line and displays from past years
  • Marine plywood to last
  • Jigsaw
  • paints and brushes
  • Easel to anchor displays
  • Real objects to add as accessories
  1. CUT OUT MAIN FEATURE FROM PLYWOOD. Use an exterior grade plywood, marine plywood is best. Get your main feature idea from a variety of resources, holiday magazines, retail store displays, on-line searches, former displays from other years. Take digital pictures if you find a display you like, don’t copy it exactly, just use it for ideas. Sketch out your ideas on paper and transfer it to your plywood. Then cut out with jigsaw, paint holiday season colors (i.e., red, green, white, gold), build an easel mount and display in prominent location in front yard, easily visible from street.
  2. DECIDE ON WHAT OTHER CHRISTMAS THEME ITEMS TO ADD TO DISPLAY. Sketch designs, cut them out of plywood or particle board, paint, and place near feature display. Maybe you want Santa and Rudolph, some Elves and Holiday Boxes with ribbons. Your main theme should give you ideas. Try and simply but create a Christmas season spirit. Maybe you want to add items to honor our Troops overseas. Pick up on elements of the feature cutout, and make smaller versions. Simplify your selections, they will be much easier to cut out, paint, and display. Maybe you want to try
  3. SANTA OR A NATIVITY SCENE ALWAYS DISPLAYS WELL. Select a picture you like, cut out profile, draw details, paint and display. Put a large bag overflowing with presents and allow some presents in wrapped boxes to spill out. Put some hay in front of manger scene and make some animals. Use your creative imagination.  Add small cutouts like Make things joyful and spiritual to go with the season. Add some continuous loop tape recordings or CDs or Christmas music. Add some caroler cutouts to go with singing on music. Don’t forget to plan for supporting your displays, see Add a Christmas tree cut out with painted decorations. Anchor everything down to ground so they don’t wander off at night. Light up the yard display and as well as your porch. Get your entire family involved in the joyous event!

Tips and Warnings:

  • Sketch out your theme idea and make checklist of what you need.
  • Use cutouts with simple outlines, fill in details with paint and apply accessory items with glue or staples.
  • Use exterior paints and sealers.
  • Use power equipment carefully, use grounded receptacles.
  • Light your display to deter nighttime theft.
  • Anchor everything down securely to ground.

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