How to Delete Friends from Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking site for people with access to the Internet, either through a computer, a laptop, or through third- or fourth-generation cellular telephones, in order to let people know what they are doing, what their lives have become, and how they are faring, on a digital format, through a digital device, in a digital age. When we accept invitations from people that we can’t really remember, they can turn out to be people that we don’t really want anything to do with, don’t want them knowing our personal business, or simply don’t like them for some reason or another. Knowing how to remove a friend on Facebook can alleviate the tensions of having someone you don’t know or don’t like knowing a little too much about you.

It is not only yourself that you are putting on display on Facebook, as all of your connections (friends) are exposed within your site. Having access to one person’s account gives access to a lot of information about all of that person’s other friends. Growing up, we had to actually talk to people to find out how they were doing, but now, with the advent of Facebook, person-to-person interaction is now no longer required. Going the way of the Dodo bird and the newspaper. If someone wanted to find out what was going on, they talked to the “gossiper” of the neighborhood. And when we meet up with those people who really ground our gears in school later in life, we can simply delete them from our digital lives.  Not so in real life, however (yet?).

Facebook gives it’s users the ability to manage their own friends and acquaintances, place them in groupings, like high school friends or work buddies, and look for old friends that we may have lost touch with as life was unfolding in front of our eyes. In order to delete people’s names from your Facebook account, simply log on to your account, select “Friends”, then select “All Connections”. All of the people who are listed as your friends on Facebook will be listed here. On the right hand side of each person’s column is an “X”, the “Remove Selection” icon. Select the person that you want to delete from your Facebook account, click on the “X” at the right of their name, and then select “Remove” from the pop-up window. The person will be immediately removed from your Facebook account, and disallowed from accessing your Facebook pages from that point forward.

Facebook also allows users to block other users from accessing their account.  Under “Settings”, and then the sub-heading “Privacy”, the user is allowed to enter the person’s name, and the email that they use, in blocking them from accessing their Facebook page. When you know that someone is taking advantage of you, or you have been the victim of identity fraud, you can block any and all email addresses that belong to that person. Also very useful for ex-spouses and dates gone awry.  If someone has multiple email accounts, they can all be blocked.

Be gone!