How to Delete Your Browsing History in Internet Explorer

When you surf the web and access internet websites with your internet browser, your browser will store or Cache information it receives from all of the internet sites. This information is stored so that when you hit the backspace your data will remain on the web page; this makes your browser work faster. On the other hand, all this information stored in your Cache will slow down your computer and will eventually make your internet surfing a hassle because your computer becomes slow as a snail. To speed up your computer you will need to clear the cache in Internet Explorer.

What You Will Need

• The latest version of Internet Explorer

• Patience

• The ability to follow simple instructions

1. Open up your Internet Explorer and look for the tools bar on the top right part of your Internet Explorer browser. Click on the tools button and scroll all the way down to tools, click on tools and wait for the internet options box to open up on your computer.

2. In the internet options box, you will see a section called browsing history. There will be a box that says delete browsing history on exit, click on this box. You will also see a box that says delete, click on the delete button.

3. Click on the delete button in the browsing history box. Click all of the boxes to make sure you are deleting everything that is stored on your computer. There are seven boxes you must click to clear the cache in Internet Explorer; Preserve Favorite Website Data, temporary internet files, cookies, history, form data, passwords and In Private Filtering Data.

4. Make sure you click all seven of the boxes to completely clear the cache in Internet Explorer. If you have any passwords on your computer that you do not remember, make sure you write down these passwords before completing the process.

5. Click the delete button on the bottom of the box. Another box will pop up that says please wait while your browsing history is being deleted. When your cache is cleared from Internet Explorer, this box will disappear. The last step is to click OK on the box that remains. You have finished the process of clearing your cache on Internet Explorer


• Make sure you clear the cache on Internet Explorer at least once a week, more often if you use your computer all of the time.

• This is only one step that will help speed up your computer

• Clearing your cache on Internet Explorer is very important and many people never think about it until they have the slowest computer on the face of the earth.

• Computers don’t fix themselves

• Use Firefox of Google Chrome is you have too much trouble with Internet Explorer

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