How To Divide Hostas

Hostas are as proliferate as they are easy to grow. Unless you have a large space to accommodate the ever-increasing size of the hosta, you will need to divide the hosta every few years.

Dividing and transplanting hostas need to be done in early spring, just prior too, or just as, you see the hosta begin to sprout.

It’s easy too see the round shape of the entire hosta, and that’s what you need to dig up to divide the hosta. The hosta’s roots runs deep, about 1 foot under ground, so you will have a large mounded clump to dig up.

Place your shovel all around the outer perimeter of the hosta’s edges and cut through the roots, then work your shovel under the hosta and gently lift up, working your way around the hosta.

Once you have the hosta out of the ground, lay it on some sheets of newspaper, then slice through the hosta with a sharp shovel. Depending on the size of the hosta and how you want to divide it will determine where you slice through the hosta. One large hosta can be divided into many small hosta plants.

The hosta is tough, and slicing through the hosta plant is not always easy, I have gardening friends that use saws to slice through their hosta plants at division time. Grab a saw if the shovel won’t work for you.

When you have divided the hosta to your satisfaction, transplant the divided hosta as soon as possible and water in well using a water soluble fertilizer.

Hostas grow best in partial shade, but will adapt and do well in almost any sunny location.