How to Do a Resume

Top of resume needs to have your name, home email address and home phone number (don’t put down your address or work email) because employers check the job search engines on a regular basis to see if any of their employees are looking for work.

Put ALL your software skills in this section, employers look for certain key software skills for every type of job, this helps get their attention.

Personal skills should go in the next paragraph and also be as detailed as possible.

On putting down your experience, the length of your resume does not matter, if they start reading your resume and they like it, they will then read the entire resume. Some people feel that a 1 page/2 page resume is good enough, but if you want the higher paying job you need to show in detail all of your experience for each job.

On putting down your education they need dates of when you took the classes and if you received a degree/diploma. You also need to put down the name of the school and the dates of when you received it and what type of degree/diploma that you received from that school.