How to do Your Own Patent Search Online

The cost of paying a patent lawyer to do a patent search can run into the thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that if you are serious about patenting an invention, a patent search by a patent attorney will eventually be necessary. But, you could save yourself the misfortune of spending thousands of dollars to pay a patent attorney to search for an invention that you could possibly have found yourself simply by doing your own search.

However, there is the possibility that after you do your own patent search and don’t find an invention or idea like yours; you may still end up hiring and spending a lot of money for a patent attorney who does find an invention just like or similar to yours already patented. This would be unfortunate; paying your patent attorney huge sums of money only to find out that someone else has beaten you to the punch patenting the same idea as yours. But, at least by doing your own thorough patent search you lessen the risk of this happening and increase the probability of finding out that your invention may well be a one-of-a-kind.

Is your invention original? Here’s how to begin to find out.

You begin by going online to the official website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Once there you will click on “Patents”.

Next, in the drop-down menu you will click on “Search Patents”.Then new page will open and you will click on “Quick Search” under Issued Patents.

A suggested way to begin a search on the database would be to fill in Term 1. This is used for single name inventions; for example ladders. You would fill in Term 1 and 2 to search for inventions with two word names; for example safety ladders. Under Fields 1 and 2 select Title. Then click on the Search button. You will need to customize your search to suit your needs.

Some searches will include References Cited patents. For a more thorough search you may want search the patent or patents listed. Happy searching!