How To Dry Out Your Basement

If you have had the unfortunate circumstance of experiencing a basement flood then you are now faced with trying to dry out a wet basement. Depending on the severity of the flood you have possibly lost cherished possessions but you have to move on and figure out what things are salvageable and determine how to dry up your basement.

Get Rid of The Water

Before you can move forward you have to get rid of the water in your basement. If you have deep standing water then you will need to get a pump and remove the water from the house. You can rent one of these pumps from a tool rental company or you can buy your own from one of the big box home improvement stores. If you have only a small amount of water you can use a wet/dry vac and then carry out the water. I have in the past just poured this water a little at a time into my sump pit so that the pump will take it outside of the house. Once the water has been removed you will want to get a number of fans to help dry the basement. You will also want to get a few dehumidifiers to take the moisture out of the air.

Get Rid Of You Damaged Stuff

If you have had standing water in your basement then most likely you have damaged items. If you have carpet there is a good chance it is destroyed. You will need to pull it up (along with the padding underneath) and throw it away. You can try to remove the water from the carpeting with a wet vac or hire a professional service to come in but the carpet has a way of retaining the water and the smell and may be a place for mold to grow. No matter how dry you think you get the carpet there will be water trapped underneath the padding that will lead to mold.

If you have drywall that has gotten wet then you will need to remove the portions that were damaged. Some suggest that you remove the entire drywall panel while others state that you don’t need to remove the entire drywall panel just the portion that got wet. You can make the decision that you think is best.

You will need to make a decision on your possessions. Books, pictures, and other paper items are most likely ruined. Any clothes that got wet will need to be washed and dried. Sofas, chairs, and other furniture might possibly be ruined as well.

Check You Basement For Mold

Before you move everything back into your basement you will want to make sure there are no signs of mold. You should give you basement at least a week to dry out. You will want to inspect the drywall, wall studs and other porous materials. If you see any signs of mold you will need to replace that item.

Find The Leak

You need to find the source of your leak and fix it or you will have the problem once again at some point in the future. If you are unable to determine the cause then you will want to hire a service to come in and find the problem for you. Then you will need to fix it.