How to Earn Money With The Best Websites

Bukisa is a paying website that allows you to sign up for free. For maximum profits fill your profile out, set up your account details and set up your payment options. You share your knowledge about anything you want and can post text articles with or without images, videos, slides, and audio files. It is important after signing up to post your articles (you can post your ehow articles and any other articles you have on other sites that are not exclusive). You build your network, invite your family, friends and other writers via email and im. Their website is very user friendly. Similar to ehow, you get paid for adding friends and commenting on their articles. So, this is important to maximize your payments/earnings. They payout once you reach $50. You not only get free publicity for your business articles and other media that you are free to submit to other sites, as long as it is your own. You must have a valid paypal account. You get paid by people reading, viewing, and listening to your content plus you get paid when the same is done with your network’s content up to 3 levels. (Those that signed up under you link). Bukisa is open to US and non-US residents and you get to specifically track your earnings stats everyday. To join bukisa now, click here: is a revenue sharing website also based on page views that has a marketplace with specific topics and detailed guidelines that are laid out so you know what is expected in your article, content and word length before you begin writing your article. There are real paid article assignments. They offer numerous different categories, publishers and titles. They are free to join and pay out monthly once you reach the $25 threshold. You earn by individual article. Your article page shows the ranking of your article against your competition. You have the ability to compete and win contests and badges. Join at

 HubPages is a membership free revenues paid website that pays 60%. They feature a way to publish your content easily in a very user-friendly way with a “non-techie” fashion. Registration is simple, no confirmation is ever required. They have a large, active community with lots of readers which means a lot of publicity and readers for your material. There are no popups and lots of royalties here. HubPages refers to their writers as “Hubbers.” Members can request other Hubbers to write about other specific subjects. Visitors come through search engine results so their is high traffic. HubPages hosts a moderated forum, they have a blog, hubbers content and they provide lots of tools to create multiple ‘hubs’ for their writers. Follow this link- is an online community and social networking website where you earn 50% of all advertising dollars (which you can also donate to your favorite charity), you can earn income from ebay and amazon affiliates too. They are a remarkably fun website! Squidoo is a mixture of writing and webpage creation. They refer to their writers pages as “Lenses.” You can create a “Lens,” on anything you are knowledgeable about. You can advertise your business, include affiliate links, add polls, complete with other lenses, watch as your money builds up and know that Squidoo is splitting half of all their revenue with you just so you will post more stuff on their site. How cool is that? is a free membership website where you create your free profile and submit articles of at least 100 words or any interest, review, hobby, advice, information, blog entry, or any piece of writing you want to publish. They are an online social community where you make money through targeted ads that are automatically placed by and Google adsense. You get 50% of the revenue which means you can earn up to 1.50 per article per day. The online community allows for discussion of pieces, has contests, supplies tools and resources for its writers that covers over one hundred issues and subjects. designs and boasts that their website is not really a website but is an online social community.