How to Effectively Increase your Vocabulary

The word vocabulary  may immediately bring your mind back to grade school English class. Learning new words, meanings, and correct pronunciation does not have to be a boring, or dreaded task. Expanding your vocabulary can help you at parties and in other social networking settings. Here are some tips to help you increase your vocabulary.


Many adults do not read regularly unless it is absolutely mandatory for work, school, or a necessary task. When you do not read often, your vocabulary will not automatically increase. If you do not like reading, try the word a day calendar. Simply dedicate five minutes a day to learn two new words. You can find a buddy to study with, to make your practice more effective. Small children, tweens, and teens can easily learn a word a day with you. Simply discuss the new word of the day around the dinner table or at snack time. Your children may look forward to this time that you spend learning something new together.


Are you a college student who needs the dictionary to get through home work and reading assignments? Increasing your vocabulary, and learning the roots or new words can help you to not have to guess about meanings of words. Knowing a few new roots each week can help you in your high level coursework. If you are studying for the GRE Exam, you may need a detailed crash course to help improve your vocabulary.


Take some time out each day to practice what you have learned out loud. Even if you are alone by yourself. Practice at times when you are doing something already. Great examples are washing dishes, doing laundry, or commuting to work or school. Use these tips to help you increase your vocabulary.