How to enjoy a Mediteranean Vacation on the port city of Zadar, Croatia A European Paradise!

Zadar, Croatia, A great vacation spot with a lot to offer to people who want to get away and enjoy. Zadar is a 3000 year old port city on the Mediteranean with many beautiful areas. Although their ways are of an old style they still keep up with the times. Myself I moved here a month ago from New Hampshire and i will tell you there is always something new to do,to see and the people are very nice. There are many things for both the young and old. For example there are numerous exhibitions,ruins, and activities to choose from. One of the most popular and world known exhibitions is their Silver and Gold exhibition. You can also take a tour to one of their 100’s of islands on one of their many ferry’s. The climate here is very tropical so anytime of the year would insure a great vacation.I will list just a few of the many things to do here, so let’s start our vacation! Have fun and enjoy.  

Things You’ll Need:

  • A camera or camcorder
  • The lust for adventure
  • 2 weeks to enjoy yourself
  • and of coarse some money!      

Step 1

You will want to visit this Mediteranean paradise. It has so much to offer. First visit the inner city where you will find numerous shops. Enjoy the many outside cafe bars.

Step 2

Visit the historical monuments like Saint Donan’s church and tower.Take a walk along the promenade where you can watch the most beautiful sunset in the world. Visit the outdoor farmers market where you can get the freshest fruits and vegetable.

Step 3

Take a trip to one of the many hundreds of islands on the ferry. You can even take a ferry to italy. Be sure to check out the Sea Organ one of their finest attractions, man made in 2005.

Step 4

Visit the Alfred Hitchcock memorial, he had visited Zarda quite often. There is a little bit of everything for anybody of all ages.  

Tips & Warnings

  • Just make sure you can take in as much as possible in your stay here.
  • The only drawback is not wanting to leave.