How to Extend Laptop Battery Life

How to Extend Battery Life

I have read many articles and researched manuals regarding how to get more time out your laptop battery. It seems the main techniques to extending your working time of your battery and the overall life of your battery is mostly a matter of adjusting some operational practices. Listed here are some tips to extending the overall life of your laptop battery and working time you have with individual sessions.

Step 1:

By going into the power manager and setting the it to ‘power save’ or ‘balance’ will reduce the some features on the laptop (such as dimming the display) in order to preserve power.

Step 2:

Listening to music and watching videos consumes a lot of power. Just think about how often you have to change the battery on cd player when it is in constant use. This is the same with your laptop. Lessening the amount time you use your laptop as a multimedia player while on battery power is always a savings.

It is also a good idea to remove any disk that is in your cd/dvd player that is not actually being used. The operating system constantly polls the optical drive to see if there is a disc in the tray. If one it is found it will read the disc to see if it should be loaded. If no disc is there then it saves on both time and battery life.

Step 3:

Not having the hard drive constantly moving is a good way to save the battery life during individual sessions. Therefore going into power management settings and set the hard drive to be turned off after so many minutes is also a good practice to follow.

Step 4:

Setting the laptop to go into standby after a certain amount of time of inactivity is a good practice. make sure that you give yourself enough time to say read an article. It would be very irritating if the laptop goes into standby mode every minute while you are trying to read a document you need for a meeting you are on your way to.

Step 5:

Another power saving technique is to allow the laptop to go into hibernation when the laptop is closed. This is a good technique when you are ready to board a plane, train, or bus, but is not a good alternative to shutting down the computer for longer periods of time.

Step 6:

Heavy disk use, constant display updates, and heavy processor use is a drain on the battery, so refrain from high resource demanding rpg game playing when you are working on battery life.

Following the tips above should help maintain a healthy battery life during individual sessions and over the entore life of the battery.