How to Feed a Picky Eater ANYTHING

  • First assess what your child WILL eat. Let’s just say for instance that they will eat the following (see next steps):
  • Cookies: Instead of buying the store-version. Make your own. If you are making oatmeal cookies, use your food processor to ground the oatmeal, raisin and other healthy tidbits (almonds, cranberries, etc). Prepare as directed and you will be giving your child healthy cookies that have the texture of sugar cookies. As we know, picky eaters are mostly about the texture of food.
  • Spaghetti Sauce: Once again, pull out the food processor. Blend fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and anything else you can think of. My mother said she used to put a bit of carrots, green peppers, peas and even a bit of pumpkin or squash in. This also a time to add a bit of spinach.
  • Pizza Sauce: See the above for spaghetti sauce. For pizza sauce, I recommend using more than the usual spinach, garlic and onions to give it a lot of flavor. This is also the time to add the olives that your little picky eater keeps snubbing.
  • Hamburgers: Yes, you can make hamburgers healthy. Once again, my mother would blend onions, garlic and sometimes red peppers and then mix them very thoroughly into the hamburger meat. This benefits everyone as the flavor is phenomenal!
  • Macaroni and Cheese: Blend the milk, butter and cheese sauce with a bit of yellow squash. This will actually make the macaroni and cheese taste creamier and richer. Some may want to also blend a bit of garlic and onion into as well for extra nutritional punch. If your picky eater likes pumpkin, then you may choose to use that instead.
  • Chocolate Cake: need I say it? Chocolate zucchini cake. I was an absolute sucker for chocolate zucchini cake as a child. My mother would also make cup cake versions and add ground almond meal into the mix.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: This is too easy. You can process fresh apples or berries and mix into any jelly or jam to give your child fresh fruits. Chances are, your picky eater doesn’t mind eating too many fruits. Some people will even try red peppers which are sweet.
  • French Fries: It is super easy to peel, and slice lengthwise sweet potatoes to make homemade fries. Heat some vegetable or olive oil in a pan and cook the potatoes until crispy. It may take 20 minutes. If your child doesn’t balk at the color too much, you can try to do yams and give it a creative name.
  • Pudding: The next time you make pudding. I recommend using a box of vanilla or butterscotch and mixing in some puree pumpkin. This will boost the Vitamin A in your child’s diet and give them some serious fiber. You may eventually be able to add a whole can of pumpkin without them minding, but I would start out small and slowly increase it over time. You might also try pureed yams or carrots.
  • Applesauce: Nobody ever thinks to make their own anymore. It’s incredibly easy. Use fresh apples, pears, and then add a bit of carrot and red peppers. I recommend pureeing the carrots and red peppers first, than adding the pears and apples afterwards. Call it “strawberry applesauce” and your picky eater will be none the wiser. You might also want to add honey or sugar at first.