How to Find a Niche That Makes Money

  1. Make a list of topics phrases that interests you. You should really be interested in the topics that you select because it will be easier to research and write about something that interests you as opposed to something that doesn’t. For instance: Collecting tea pots, weight loss, making money at home, stamp collecting, health and wellness, weightlifting for women, etc.

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    Google AdWords: Keyword tool will be one of the deciding factors as to whether your topic phrase will be a good niche that makes money. Plug in your niche phrase and see what comes up. If your topic brings back at least 15 results with over 1000 global searches a month, this is a good niche so far. If it doesn’t bring back this result revise your keyword phrase and try again.

  3. Google search will be the next place to test out your niche that makes money. You have found a topic/niche phrase from the Google tool now search for that word phrase in Google Search using “your niche” quotation marks. If your search results in less than 15,000-20,000 it is a good keyword phrase.

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    Create a blog around your niche that makes money and promote a few affiliate links and make money today.