How to Find Breast Cancer in the Early Stages

Early detection against breast cancer is vital especially for women. This disease kills millions of people each year. Cancer is a very scary word and no one wants to hear it mentioned especially if it applies to them. The best chance of successful treatment and recovery is through early detection. Every woman should have a mammogram every year.  My sister had a big scare one year but thankfully they got it just in time. She was one of those who never got herself checked out.  Now she does every year, this taught her a very big lesson. Even if no one in your family has ever had breast cancer. Do not take the risk, it’s not worth it. After you have taken all the tests and still are not satisfied get another opinion. Lots of women have died because they trusted the tests, and nothing is 100% accurate.

Testing for lumps yourself is not enough. You must do more for yourself because you are worth it.

Here are a few ways to test for breast cancer:

This is the first test all doctors want you to have done every year. Younger women have thicker breast and this test can see better images through the thick skin. Digital Mammography, this diagnoses more cancers in women under 50 with dense breasts.

Your doctor will want you to have this test done if he notices any strange lumps at all.  MRI of the Breast, this does not involve exposure to radiation and can detect cancer sometimes missed by mammography. MRI can provide guidance for a biopsy if needed. This is a wonderful test to have done.

This test has saved a lot of lives. It can actually find cancer in the early stages by the cells being taken out to see how bad the cancer has gotten. These cells tell if its cancer or not and if it can be treated. MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy, helps guide needles to certain sites in the breast when needed to be checked out further. It removes cells to be put under microscopes for further information the doctor needs to know how to treat you.